This steam rocket uses a five-pound CO2 fire extinguisher tank for the
motor. A ViseGrip chain wrench was used to hold the tank while removing the
valve. The silicon (only!) O-ring required is Dash 218, MSC #06842181.
   The thread in the tank is 1 & 1/4" x 12 TPI.  Only a grade 8 bolt could be
found with that thread, too hard to drill to 3/4".  So a length of round steel
stock was threaded.
The steel nozzle and hold plate.
The nozzle/holddown/fin mount assembly.
   The throat is 3/4" and the exit cone diameter is 2.5", the same as for the
BOILING sisters.  The same launch base was used.  The tank alone weighs 7 lbs.
and has a diameter of 5 & 1/4".
The fuse-ignition switch and battery area.
   These are now in the midsection. A fuse-ignition trigger release wire is
attached to the base.  A safety clip is on the Safe/Arm pin, but the pin MUST
be pushed in before launch!  The chute charge ignitor leads come out through a
hole from the upper body tube into the electrical section.
   RED DRAGON uses the same 8-foot chute as the BOILING sisters and the same
rope-friction system to absorb shock without the rebound of a bungee.
The rope and friction brake.
   The chain link on the friction brake, where the fish scale is now, will be
where the chute shrouds attach.  A rope eye held with a pig ring can replace
the bowline and a fold held with a pig ring can replace the figure-eight.
   The body tube is 6" in diameter and 24" high. The nose cone has the same
part down into the body tube as the BOILING sisters.  The altimeter is in the
white Estes 3" nose cone, which was used in several other rockets.  A sheet-
aluminum adapter joins the diameters.  The overall height is 49 inches and
the weight empty is 12 lb. and 18 lb. full (6 pints).
   The top part of the rocket clamps to the tank by a stainless steel band.
The chute cable is outside the rocket, through the midsection guide rod
loop and anchored in a chain link at the hold plate.  The cable goes inside
the body tube and attaches to the friction rope eye.  The rocket hangs from
the guide rod loop while descending.
The chute-protection system.
   The primary chute protector is the same 6" paper picnic bowl, but with a
poster board cylinder 10" high added to make a chute piston.  White glue
secures the cylinder to the bowl.
Black powder, Phantom ignitors and fuse on tape.
   These 240 ma ignitors are used to start the 4 1/2" (12 sec) delay fuse.  A
tiny bit of black powder must be placed between the ignitor coil and the fuse
core.  Or you can use the Phantom fuse lighters clamped onto their green fuse.
5" must be used because it burns at 2"/second.
  The chute charge is a level 1/2 tsp of black powder.
The Steam-Breathing RED DRAGON.
   At 500 PSI, the hold force is 221 lbs and so at 1,000 PSI, it's 442 lbs.!
The flame guard.
   The height of the RED DRAGON tank is lower than for the BOILING sisters,
so the torch post and flame guard height were adjusted.  The launch pressure
was 600+ PSI.  The apogee was 641 feet.
This is the 11th frame after release.
   The speed at this point was 92 ft/sec or 63 MPH.
RED DRAGON launch.
Under the chute.