Locating Downed Rockets

  A remote-control beeper for locating a rocket lost in heavy woods and brush.
The child locator "Mommy I'm Here".
  It weighs 1 & 1/2 oz. and has a range of 150 feet.  It is waterproof and
comes with two big CR2023 lithium cells for the squeaker and two micro-
processors.  The keychain transmitter comes with its battery and has a
  A system called LOC8TOR guides you to the rocket using GPS coordinates.  The
small fob goes in the rocket and the "remote" steers you to the landing spot
as you point it in the general direction of the rocket.
A homemade visual rocket locator.
   This has a "million-candlepower" spotlight and a sheet of red plexiglass.
There is a peep sight on top of the light.  The peep sight and the left side
of the plexiglas are aimed at the landing spot.  Then you walk out to the
rocket while looking back to see if you see red (too far right) or white (too
far left).  If the rocket is very far away, you may need to use binoculars.
   In newer vehicles you will have to turn the ignition switch on to have
power go to the accessory socket.  So you might want to put battery clips on
the spotlight wires.
A rocket locator for heavy brush.
   Aim the gunsight at the landing spot.  Then a helper can guide you to the
rocket by walkie-talkie or cellphone. You may need to carry a pole with a flag
on it if the rocket fell in heavy brush so the helper knows where you are.